Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I really enjoy this!

In childhood, I was the butterfly
Brightly colored, joyous, energetic
I flitted from here to there, helter-skelter
Content to be on the move, happy to be loved.
Hues were vibrant, sounds beyond all description.
The little bird, chirping merrily,
Never caring whether I was on key or not.
I was the butterfly.

Later, a blow came.
The butterfly lost its wings. The joy left the world.
The light went out, almost, but never quite.
It kept going.
I became the firefly then, a creature of the evening.
The light was faint, sometimes going out,
But always returning, never dying.
Hope was faint, but it never left.

And today? What am I today?
Today I became the phoenix.
The layers of pain became a prison that could not hold me.
The flames renewed, restored the joy.
The journey has been long, but today the flight,
The sky is worth it all.
Bitterness, pain, resentment, I suddenly realize
Have led me to today.

Today, I became the phoenix.

--Katie Johnson

i dunno whether this is poem or lyric or what, but i really enjoy reading this! I'm taking from someone blog,, just for reference,, hope she don't mind...

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