Tuesday, 29 March 2011

just a story i made

       The first day in a new school was not easy for me. Not all new kids transferred to Bugher High school seemed happy. Their sad and unjoyful face were clearly potrayed. Breg and me were having our lunch at the school canteen. We just greeted each other after the registration session. Breg ate salmon sandwich greedily and i could see sauce flew steadily over her left cheek. How gross!!

“ Can you show me a good behaviour eating in front of public? It seems like you didn’t eat for years!!” I try to plant my advice into his brain. But you know, he is a stone-headed boy.
       There are sort of differences between us, i mean in physical side. He had brown eyes and really, really big tummy!! Besides, i am thinner and have a dark brown eyes. I looked more like an asian people. But truly, i was bornt in Yellowstone National Park.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Life is getting hard

don't you think? our life become harder nowadays?? bargains become expensive, lower quality and lots of people become greed! as payback, our god grant us with natural disaster and the latest proof is tsunami and earthquake disaster in honshu island in japan. try to think about it.

Human always doing thing by ignoring nature biological demand. luckily, they are unable to take their revenge because they can do nothing. human are being granted with brilliant brain that enable us to thing about any benefits and any harm that they had or will they make.. SO THINK!!!! 

Something makes you Laugh today!???

Ok everybody! let's share what makes all of you laugh, sad, or anything!!! do you have hobby such as games, manga or otherwise.. SHARE!!!